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Sex Advice That Men Can Use

If you’re a man and want sex advice, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’re going to get some tips that will make your sex life a lot better in the long run. By reading on, you can get to know how to make sex a safe and enjoyable activity.

First, you have to practice safe sex at all times. This means wearing a condom, especially if you aren’t sleeping with someone who is on birth control. Also, if you don’t know much about your partner’s past, then you want to use protection just in case they have an STD of some kind. Even if it doesn’t look like they have one, they could still be hiding the fact that they do from you. It’s not offensive to only agree to have sex with protection in most situations, so be certain you keep yourself as safe as possible.

Ask your partner what they like to do in bed so you can have an idea of what to do to help them have an enjoyable time. Don’t just do what you like and expect them to like it as well. You need to mix it up and do what they enjoy and then have them help you out by doing what you like. If you’re asked to do something you’re not comfortable with, make it clear that you’re not up for it at the time. You shouldn’t ever feel pressure to do something with someone else that you’re not comfortable with.

Don’t take offense if your partner wants to use sex toys in the bedroom to make things spicier. Sometimes people just can’t get what they need out of sex itself and need extra help. That doesn’t mean that you’re doing a bad job in bed; it just means that the person had needs that only toys can help them to fulfill. If you lack comfort with this, then you should let the other party know. You do not need to have sex with someone that is not into what you’re into, so don’t feel like you have to do things you don’t want to do.

If you’re going to have sex with someone that has been drinking, think twice about doing so. Even if they say they’re not that drunk, you should generally decline the offer to have sex with them just to be on the safe side. You don’t want them to wake up in a panic asking you if they did something they are going to regret the night before. Generally, if you are drunk too, you should probably avoid sex because you may end up making decisions that put you at risk if you’re not thinking straight.

Now you have a better idea of how to make your sex life a better one. Make sure you keep yourself safe when you have sex with others and that you know what to do in the bedroom in general. Use what you learned here, and you should do just fine!

How Can Couples Improve Their Sex Life?


It happens to all couples at some point; one day, the same fun and games that were so stimulating, exciting, and daring feel a little dead and like the two of you are going through the motions. This is an excellent sign to shake things up a bit and breathe new life into your sexual encounters.

If you have been feeling like the sex you once enjoyed with your partner is suddenly stale and tasteless, sit up and take notice. Here are few simple and enjoyable “best practices” for keeping your sex life fun, engaging and memorable.

1. Get Exercise

If you want to enjoy the performance in the bedroom, you will want to build that heart and body that can support a few laps around the track and still have the energy to put out a bit more. Regular exercise also improves the hormonal balance needed to build a healthy libido.

As a couple, you can look for new ways to enjoy your exercise routines and engage each other in releasing energy. For example, couples yoga or jazz dancing is a great way to reintroduce each other to your firm and sexy bodies that connect so well. Or, head over to the gym and practice your squat thrusts together; that one never fails.

2. Schedule Time for Sex

It is a known fact that couples who enjoy long and happy relationships make their sexual service a thing of high importance. So much so that it is given a special place on the calendar. Scheduling does more than place a high priority on your sexual congress; it also helps eliminate the fears, stress, and anxiety that can kill a good night of sex before it even gets off the ground.

When an event is on the schedule, you have time to prepare, think, plan, postulate, and anticipate. These are the core ingredients of a successful and satisfying date night.

3. Communicate Openly

Make it a point to take nothing for granted. Surveys have found that people have vastly different definitions of what a satisfying sexual encounter will be like. It is essential to understand what your partner wants fully and expects if you hope for the optimal exchange.

Find ways to encourage sex talk in and out of the bedroom. Sex talk increases the level of intimacy between two lovers, and this is going to be that slow-burning fire that explodes passion and pleasure when sex is finally initiated.

4. Sex Toys

Humans are very adept at making tools, and some of the finest tools we have made are designed to stimulate and entice. Sex toys have a wide range of benefits to improving sex life. They can enhance the stimulation of erogenous zones and lead to greater awareness of what another is looking for and wanting. Furthermore, they can lead to endless conversations on what it truly means to be satisfied. This kind of bonding allows for the most significant exchange of sexual energy.

5. See a Therapist

You don’t have to be in a sexual predicament to see a therapist. Sexuality is a complex subject, and even between close couples, concepts can be confused and communications blurred. This is an excellent time for both of you to speak with an expert who can help set things on the right track and clear the space between you and your partner.